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Our Services

At Lynwood, we want to be more than just your supplier, we want to be your partner.


Our friendly, knowledgeable sales team will make the sales process very easy.  From the initial quote to placing the order, our staff is ready to serve you.  They make ordering simple, orders can be placed by phone, email, or in person. 

Special Orders

Our sales team can help you find non-stock and custom material including metal, ceiling tiles, trims, and more.

Will-Call pick up

We provide quick service.  You can call in your order ahead of time or order when you get here.  Our large showroom and warehouses are well stocked and our hard-working warehouse team will get you loaded and on your way.


We have a wide range of vehicles including boom trucks, forklift trucks, and smaller hot shot trucks equipped to deliver your material safely and efficiently.  It is our goal to deliver your material exactly when you need it. 


The delivery doesn’t stop when we pull onto your jobsite.  Our experienced delivery teams can stock material to your preferences.


We provide credit and offer a prompt-pay discount.  If interested in opening up an account, please fill out an application. 

No delays, No excuses, No kidding!

No delays, No excuses,
No kidding!