Lynwood first opened it’s doors for business on October 1, 1980 as a wholly owned subsidiary of the nationally acclaimed lathing and plastering contracting company, Chris B. Christians, Inc., founded in 1910. Nationally recognized as a pioneer in the all lath-and-plaster concept, Christians’ business experienced continued growth during the early 50’s with the addition of his sons, C.A. (Sonny) and J.W. (Buddy), to the family company. Quickly acknowledged as hard workers with an acute business sense, the Christians brothers continued to expand and diversify the scope of Chris B. Christians, Inc. with the purchase of Lynwood Brick and Tile in 1974. image 2
image 1 After briefly leasing the property to Tiffany Brick, the Christians' reacquired the yard at Lynwood and supplemented it with additional inventory purchased from a Sequin lumber company auction. In order to facilitate the ever-growing material sales resulting as an off shoot of Christians contracting, they shortly thereafter decided to separate the material sales from the contracting company, and thus, Lynwood Building Materials came into existence.
Currently, Lynwood is owned and operated by Chris B. Christians III, the grandson of Chris B. Christians. Maintaining the high standards of quality and customer service set by his father and grandfather before him Chris continues to increase Lynwood’s position as an industry leader. Keeping with the tradition of stocking a main stay of lathing and plastering inventories, Lynwood also specializes in steel studs, drywall, acoustical ceilings, insulation, masonry and concrete materials, with most construction needs available at just one stop.
Smart, Go Green Construction, A Christians' Family Tradition:
  These days most companies have had to go to great lengths to direct their focus to 'Going Green', and many have only mixed results. At Lynwood, we've been there since the first part of the 20th century.

The "Christians Better Home Construction Method" was one of the first to offer a cooler home in summer and warmer home in winter through the use of metallic and stucco construction over the more prominent wood frame construction of the time.

This innovative spirit is just another reason to bring your dollar here, where great ideas inform the advice and service we give to you each and every day of the year!
Christians historical pic 4

Christians Historical pic

With product knowledge and practical experience serving as a tremendous asset to most contracting entities, Lynwood is definitely no exception. Bolstered by an accomplished sales force, Lynwood stands ready to meet the needs of customers in the central and south Texas area.
Call Lynwood Building Materials, Inc. at (210) 477-3000, FAX (210) 477-3090.